Walking one step at a time.


This week I wanted to take on my first life changing task. I have been walking at least 10000 steps everyday. for Christmas I got a fitbit flex 2, I would say it was my favourite gift! The fitbit is easy to use and set up by using the app. The thought of walking 10k steps a day was quite daunting, but found after a few hours at work I had already reached 4k. So I set my self small goals making sure I walked at least 3500 before tea break and 5k by lunch. I took every chance to get moving, sometimes walking the long way back to my lab. I would say it was exciting to meet the target. The flex app would show you how many minutes active and calories burnt.



After work, when I get home, I walk my dogs. I am lucky to live with them as they are the family pets, or as I say, just part of the family. We live near a wood and dog walking park so it’s ideal. They bring me so much joy knowing they are benefiting from our walks. Only annoying part? The mud! Both dogs are Labradoodles, Josie ,3 (the white one) and Zola, 5 (the grey one). After walking 10k everyday I can honestly say I feel better for it. What seemed like a daunting task soon turned into an enjoyable one. I felt a great sense of achievement and look forward to keeping it up. Don’t get wrong, there will be days where it will be hard to reach 10k but as long as I try, it’ll always be more than I did.


Now that I have achieved this one task I feel ready to take on a new one. I believe that changing one thing can have knock on effects. feel good do good etc. If you want to make the same change I recommend a fitbit or other fitness device. Even a simple pedometer will do. If the thought of 10k steps is still an overwhelming one don’t stress! small steps is all it takes even if you just set yourself to walking at least 2000 steps and work your way up. Every small change will become a big change. Because it’ll always be more than you did.

I hope this blog post is useful and can inspire you to make a change for the better what ever that may be, only you can make you happy. My next goal is to tackle my sleep pattern, also using the fitbit, as it tracks sleep. I’ll post a blog next week on how I get on. Thank you for reading this šŸ™‚


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