The power of sleep. Zzzzz

We all need it, we all love it, but are we getting enough? I’m definitely not! Yes, that’s right, i’m talking about sleep. The recommended amount of sleep is at least 8 hours, so that’s my aim. I’am the typical modern day person who said they were going to sleep but really just scroll through the internet, in bed, for an hour. Then I wake up in the morning and wonder why I’m still so tired, after all I was “in bed” by 10? A way to help feel better about myself is to treat my body and mind better, put them first. So that’s what I aimed to do this week. Now, don’t get me wrong, it has been a bit difficult, so I can’t quite comment if it has helped, or not, at this stage, but I’m confident I’m making a change for the better. Life can get in the way but as long as I try then it will always be more than I did.

This is how I tried to get a full 8 hours. I set my silent alarm (Fitbit)  for 6am so ideally I need to be asleep by 10pm. Once I have showered and sorted bits for the next day, I’m in the sheets at 9pm! I have set my Fitbit flex 2 to remind me when to wind down and get ready for bed. Part of getting ready for bed is to spray Deep sleep pillow spray by, this stuff smells amazing and I think it’s one of the best out there. Simply spray your pillows and relax. I have been a huge fan of this brand ever since I tried a free sample at the Crown Plaza hotel years ago. Once in bed I set my lumie alarm clock to 6am. The Lumie alarm clock works by mimicking the sunrise with light. It’ll start to gradually get brighter over half hour and once it has reached it’s full brightness at 6am will stay bright for the next half hour helping you to wake naturally as possible. I recommend this, if like me, you too have early starts, and living in the uk during the winter. sunrise doesn’t appear until after 7am.

The next step I have begun to take is the endless scrolling of the internet before bed. Bed is a place where you want to relax and switch off from the world. If like me, you end up taking the world to bed with you. I had to almost put a curfew on my phone habits. By 9.15pm the phone is put down. I only had 15 minutes to catch the latest news article or funny meme before sleep. The next 15 minutes I usually spend overthinking life and worrying about every little thing ever, as after all I do suffer with anxiety. Then suddenly my Fitbit silent vibrating alarm is going off, the room is bright with fake daylight and I’m waking up. I always go straight into my phone to check how I slept using the Fitbit app. I usually lay there for a bit resting before actually getting out of bed. This week has had it’s ups and downs as I said life can get in the way sometimes so it won’t always be spot on, as you can see in a picture of my week so far, but the aim is there and it will take time to get into a complete routine to help myselfimg_0472

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