How I stay looking young.

My whole adult life people are always saying I look so much younger than my age. I have always thought why is it I get id’d all the time? Should I take this as a complement? I use to complain about wanting to look older but now I am getting older, I’m learning to embrace it while I can! I feel one day i’ll look in the mirror and to my horror I have aged!

I have a few theories as to why I look the way I do. Firstly I think it’s down to genetics. I was born with the roundest face in the world, taking after my mum AND dad, both sporting the roundness.  It gives me the baby face look. Sweet chubby cheeks that you just want to squeeze and coo over (this has never happened in my adult life.. so far. Haha). Secondly being fat has helped in a way. I have often joked about how my wrinkles are “plumped” out. Thirdly I take care of my skin. I have always moisturise and drunk plenty of water to help keep hydrated.

Now that I am almost 30 I want to take it one step further. I need to up my skin care routine. I have started using a new gentle calm cleanser from Arbonne, as I have sensitive skin, I’m one massive red blotchy faced girl, stepping out the shower. I use a facial brush I bought from Primark for £1. I use it in circular movements to help lift dirt and increase circulation to renew the skin cells. After the cleanse I use a calm facial oil from Arbonne to sooth my sensitive skin. The new products I have been using to help fight ageing is The Body Shop’s drops of youth range. The products include, drops of youth concentrate eye and face serum and sleeping bouncy sleeping mask. Only time will tell how much these products have improved my skin. Maybe 10 years time when I’m heading for 40 I can be please that I only look 30 haha!

Thank you for reading this, I will upload a video on sleep and skin care on my youtube channel soon. xx

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